Prima Aviation

PRIMA was established with consideration given to: operators in TURKIYE, who are are negatively effecting of critical issues of transportation, customs and turn times; and, who need immediate, reliable response to their operational requirements; operators from outside of TURKIYE, who need dependable support in the county and around

Operators, suppliers, vendors, lessors worldwide, who wish to benefit from the large experience accumulated in TURKIYE.

PRIMA is pioneering the third party support in TURKIYE to domestic and/or Outside operators which operators around TURKIYE.

Have you not stepped into outsourcing, yet !!!
You meet your customers’ demand and let us meet your demands; thus shall reduce the ambiguity by the constant technical changes. We are aware of your mro needs; and we are dedicated to deliver those internal services of yours at a lower cost, with fast turnaround time, and with hassle free responsivness. and, you shall get a personalized service.

Tel: :+90 542 210 20 11
Fax : +90 212 465 51 42